L’Arc Casino – Interior Design Impressions

Interior Design of L'Arc Casino

L’Arc Casino is located opposite of Wynn Macau and MGM Macau. On the inside it tries to display a five star ambient with a lot of design elements similar to both of the forementioned properties, yet still it does not transmit the same glamour. Once again, photos have been edited with Aviary’s filter Colombo to emphasize the structural elements in the design. Color photos are available on Flickr.

Interior Design of L'Arc Casino


Mouldings in the soffit are of low quality in matt finish.

Interior Design of L'Arc Casino


Floor stone following ceiling soffit recess.

Interior Design of L'Arc Casino

Interior Design of L'Arc Casino


Decoration in public area, triple mirror with two different bowls on credenza.

Interior of L'Arc Casino

Public bathroom light fixture



Hotel Lisboa – Interior Design Impressions

Interior Design of Hotel Lisboa

Hotel Lisboa is one of the most famous hotel casinos in Macau, China. The casino is owned by the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM), a Stanley Ho company. This three-storey complex was built in late 1960s. Hence one cannot compare the interior design of Hotel Lisboa with the likes of MGM, Wynn or Galaxy Macau. Nevertheless is it distinct and recognizable. Let’s just hope that the upcoming Lisboa Palace will have taller corridors and higher ceilings, as walking in the underground passages of Hotel Lisboa feels too narrow.

Interior Design of Hotel Lisboa

Interior Design of Hotel Lisboa

Interior Design of Hotel Lisboa

More impressions on Flickr.


Macau in Figures – Tables / Slots and Profit per Table/Slot

GrowthperYearTable  In our last post we had a look at the general profit and revenue situation of major casinos in the Macau market. In this post we have a closer look at the distribution of profit per table or slot machine. A few notes:

  • Melco Crown is still excluded from the overview. I hadn’t had time to look through and discount their Manila figures
  • Galaxy Macau had no gaming table or slot machine counts listed in their Annual Report, hence they will not show up below
  • All figures and graphs are given without guarantee of accuracy or correctness. Errors and mistakes may occur, are unintentional and all data should be verified against its original source, as this is intended to be for the occasional reader only.
  • Tables and slots are counted as 1:1, i.e. for all graphs below, tables and slots are summed up together. This might not reflect reality as there are in general higher revenues and profits per table than per slot machine, but as long as I have not found the discounting factor or a separate listing of revenues and profit, I refer to the below abstraction.

GrowthProfitTable2  Profits are growing for all casinos on a year to year basis with Galaxy recovering from their 2009-2010 construction effort (opening in 2011).



Above graphs show the movements in both total gaming table count as well as in overall slot machine count. A few notes:

  • Counts are more or less pre-determined by the gaming license and cap on tables and slot machines
  • Sands is expanding in line with their expansion in Cotai
  • Wynn seems to be the only casino shown that has continuously increased their tables year to year and decreases their slot machines year to year

Let’s have a look at the profit per table:


Distinctively Wynn is the leader of the pack with highest profit per Table/Slot Machine (on a 1:1 count).

Next up:

  • Once I have figured out the report of Melco Crown I can include their figures
  • If and how I find a representation of table vs. slot revenue and profit I can split up above graphs
  • Representation of headcount per casino along with revenue and profit and (if available) educational degree

Macau in Figures – Casino Revenues and Profits

In another view on the casino market of Macau, above and below information has been prepared by use of public information published in Annual Reports of various casinos. Above you can see the overall direction revenue has gone up across the board for all casinos with SJM leading the way due to its 17 casino outlets. Strongly followed by Sands who has opened several new casino outlets in Cotai over the past few years (Sands Cotai Central, The Piaza) and Galaxy Macau who has opened their Galaxy Macau Resort in 2011 (prior to that: Starworld).


  • City of Dreams not included in this overview.
  • No data entered for MGM for 2009 and 2008
  • All figures shown in USD

Below are two representations on the profit situation (before income tax):



Interestingly enough, Sands Macau is currently the strongest company in terms of profit, followed by Galaxy and SJM tight with Wynn. MGM with only one property in Macau is shown last.

In terms of profitability, please have a look at this comparison of how many USD profits are generated by each USD revenue:




Sands and Wynn are leading the field with MGM following close. SJM is lowest in this overview.

Things to come and things to analyze:

  • Performance of each company based on number of gaming tables / slots
  • Performance of each company based on number of properties opened (esp. Sands is interesting to see)

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee given on any of these figures and errors or mistakes might be present. Hence, please refer to the individual Annual reports for each company for a full overview of financial statements, as linked to below. Once again, the above is only presented for the interested reader to have a better understanding of Macau and its market.

Data Source
Sands http://investor.sandschina.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=233498&p=irol-reportsannual
Wynn http://en.wynnmacaulimited.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=231614&p=irol-reportsannual
MGM http://www.mgmchinaholdings.com/en/annual_interim_reports
Galaxy http://www.galaxyentertainment.com/en/investor/financial-reports
SJM http://www.irasia.com/listco/hk/sjm/annual/index.htm



Galaxy Macau – Interior Decoration & Design

Interior Design of Galaxy Macau

The Galaxy Macau, casino and resort, has opened a few years ago at Cotai strip and is currently expanding into what is called “Galaxy Macau Phase 2“. In contrast to many other Chinese-owned casinos in Macau (think of Pharao’s, Jimei, Oceanus and a few others), Galaxy has distinguished itself with a unique design lived through out both Galaxy towers, the pool deck, the retail promenade and the main casino floor. Also the exterior has picked up the same elements that make Galaxy a landmark at Cotai.

Below are a few shots of Galaxy Macau, enhanced with Aviary’s Concorde filter to highlight the design features. Peacock-like elements and curved lines dominate the visual impression.

Interior Design of Galaxy Macau

Interior Design of Galaxy Macau

Interior Design of Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau

Interior Decoration of Galaxy Macau

Macau LRT – July 16th and 17th – Progress Photos

July 17th LRT Progress

Above and below you can see some new photos of Macau’s light rail project. Again, progress seems not have been fast, as currently the girder launcher has moved on to section number 4 or 5 only. Remember, it was announced way back in January and has been erected in February this year. This means that a whopping 5 months have passed and overall progress has been less than a 100 meters. That is not very impressive by all means.

July 17th LRT Progress


Good news is however that the section towards the depot area seems to be getting along (well… slowly of course), as new pillars seem to have been cast:

July 17th LRT Progress


But then again, published progress in July 2014 is UNCHANGED compared to January 22nd 2014. What is happening, GIT? This is not impressive at all!



With the current rate of construction of elevated track section it could be years before any operational train is going to roll in Taipa… and don’t speak about Macau, for that is still under principal discussion on where the track is going to go along. Latest news? Discussions about

building a hanging corridor or an underground tunnel to connect the seaside with the Dr Carlos d’Assumpção Park. (…) Officials have suggested that the designs are still in their preliminary stage and can be further refined. They hope that the public will provide further opinions regarding the route of the LRT’s Macau section.

Cotai’s main casinos might be well open before this train is coming along …