Galaxy Macau Phase II – Update (Photo)

Galaxy Phase II Update

Since the last update over a month has passed by and construction at Galaxy Macau Phase II has continued, however as it seems from above photo, not as fast as before. In February, most of the facade cladding as shown in this photo had been installed within a few days and since then only a few more cladding tiles were installed. Also none of the facade on the podium structure seems to be ready, hence most progress must have been inside. That is, if there had been enough workers and materials. I don’t want to spectaculate, but it is common knowledge in Macau that there are just not enough workers around, especially with construction sites for Wynn Palace, The Parisian and Studio City picking up. Also any interior decorations without facade would not be very fruitful due to the extremely humid and rainy weather these days.


Maybe the most important project in the world – ITER

Anjuna Beach

Being in the project management industry, one is always on the lookout for prestigious and interesting projects happening around the world. There are bad examples out there, but there are also benefiting ones. For me, one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious projects in the world is ITER. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, currently built in France, and meant to be a solution for one of the biggest challenges mankind faces: energy generation.

It being a scientific experimental reactor project it is not often reported of in the mass media, yet there is a valuable insight article by the New Yorker about the current state of the project, its structure, difficulties and challenges. For everyone who has ever worked in a difficult project environment, this is a must read, as there are familiar situations, yet in a much more complex environment. The project stretching out for several decades (including its experimental operation phase), this is an achievement of a lifetime once it goes online and produces (what we all hope), energy!

And yes, they are hiring

Macau: Galaxy Phase II Facade is coming up

Galaxy Phase II - Facade is coming up

Above is a progress photo of the Galaxy Macau Phase II integrated casino resort project. As can be seen, the external facade is coming up and is already halfway on the tower. Along with ongoing interior fit out of the tower in podium and lower floors, the impression is given that Phase II is all on track for its opening in Mid-2015. In lieu of above progress, I think that the owners might even think about pushing opening before Chinese New Year 2015, as happens often enough with major projects in this region.

For more details, have a look at the original version and see other photos of today.

The old and the new – Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau - The old and the new

The old and the new Galaxy Macau jointly shown on this night photo as seen from close to the Stadium of Macau. The new Galaxy Macau Phase 2 building is seen on the left side, illuminated from the inside by temporary construction lighting set up on each floor as well as on the crane. The old building shines majestically in the front with surrounding fog adding an aura of luxury to it. Click on the photo to go to Flickr and see it in more detail and much bigger.