Global business – railway

Railway and its associates, the public transportation systems, the mass transit systems, the airport lifts, the traffic management systems and the logistics business, are going to play a very important role in the future of economy, both for the suppliers and constructors, but also for the governments, local municipalities, industries and passengers (may they be goods or people) that are using these services.

With rising oil and gas prices (not only in Europe or the US), the usage of trucks, planes and ocean freighters is going to become more and more expensive. Therefore more and more railway projects are getting enroled, e.g. the Saudi Railways Expansion Programme or the recent trial run of the Germany-China freight rail connection.

Good ressources on the railway market are certainly Wikipedia with its expansive background knowledge on railway and trains, but also the Railway Gazette with up-to-date news on recent railway developments helps to grant an overview of the market. Railway Market giving news from Central and Eastern Europe and Urban Rail is a good page about mass transit all over the world.


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