The future of rail in China

China, as one of the biggest markets in the world has enormous plans to expand their rail infrastructure.

By 2010 the Ministry of Railways aims to have added 10,500 miles (17,000 kilometers) of new track, bringing the country’s total to 56,000 miles. – link

One of the lists with future public transportation projects in China counts 13 new projects, some already in the making, others still far away. A list of metro systems also shows some additional metro systems in the pipeline.

A good overview track-vise can be seen on attached graphic (hosted by, click on it for a larger view.

But what are the implications on these projects?

Reduced traffic within cities and between in counts of car-hours, for as more people use public transportation and more goods are hauled on container trains.

Increased revenues, both for suppliers of train equipment or systems and operators, for the demand of use is there.

Reduced output of emissions due to reason no.1. Another contribution to green China.


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