Despite the Wiki

Everybody knows Wikipedia and everybody is using Wikipedia, either researching facts, revising old entries, updating the wiki with news on recent events or just curiously browsing pages learning new stunning things.

But what about all the other offspring’s of the Wikimedia Foundation? There is the Wiktionary, the Wikiquote, the Wikibooks, Wikisource, the Wikinews, the WikiCommons, the WikiSpecies, the Wikiversity and three other Wiki-related entities.

Well, thinking of WikiSpecies, there we have this year revealed Encyclopedia of Life which follows a similar idea and is funded by world-leading institutes and universities. However WikiSpecies had the earlier start and both initiatives do not waste time to create the same content twice.

On WikiCommons I can only applaud, as it is a meta-service for the other Wiki-systems, giving a unique space and data set for items used by other systems.

Wikibooks is an interesting approach to write scientific and non-fiction books online in cooperation. Examples such as business or mathematics are worth mentioning, but the general excellence of content is missing compared to Wikipedia.

Even narrower are the attempts done at the moment at the WikiSource, which is digitalizing public domain books and as a look in the German version reveals, funded with a budget of 1500 EURO a year. Compared to efforts, such as the Gutenberg Project or the Google Books initiative a relatively small advance.

WikiQuote is collecting statements and quotes from all over the world and all kinds of people and Wiktionary is collecting information on words and their meaning.
Common to all those wiki-services that do not feature –pedia in their name is that initial spark lighting the fire is still missing. Only a few die-hard members are working on the respective systems using their spare time to a certain extend increasing step by step the knowledge of these systems, however by far not in the extend Wikipedia has risen from the shades.

Give them another two years and revisit them again or join and work one them with others.


2 thoughts on “Despite the Wiki

  1. Yeah apart from wiki which I always use, I ocassionally stumble upon wikidictionary and wikiquote… Wiki commons is cool in itself to look at some amazing pictures when bored… All the other stuff is kinda meh and as you said, it will take a few more years before they really kick of. How many years though is anyones guess.

    Anyhow, all the best!

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