Physics wikis

As mentioned in the last post: Where are the physics wikis? After a search I found the following:

So there are several wikis and content-generating efforts on the work in the Internet. However those efforts are squattered at several location among several groups, some mere students hoping to create a useful database for basic university courses, others deeply driven down to specific topics. But the general approach of an overall integrative solution for all parties is missing.

Might this be an interesting business opportunity? I’ve had just a look into the physics topic, but I think what in other areas, such as biology (EOL, several universities are working together) or encyclopedial content (Wikipedia) is working, might be not so difficult to adapt in these fields.

–> Best Practice Sharing needs to increase and extend to these fields to synchronize those efforts. Business as driver and a successful market integration might hasten the process. But what incentive might a business have to support synchronization, organization and moderation of cross-cultural, -national and -institutional efforts to a single valuable source of knowledge? Ask Google. Their approach on book scanning might not be the best, but they made a point and a lot of books available.


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