QIST / ERA / there is something going on

Speaking of the devil. As just written I thought there wouldnt be a integrative approach to content generation in the physics field. Well I was wrong, at least for a part. There is an effort undertaken, however on a totally different level than business or industry: The European Union is issueing so called Framework Programmes (link to the 6th and the 7th) which uses the ERA-Pilot to structure the research areas and projects within the European Union.

Following the principle of subsidiarity, projects have to be transnational. In other words: only consortia of partners from different member and associated countries can apply; for mobility and training actions the fellows typically have to go to a country different from their country of origin or residence. Activities that can better be carried out at national or regional level, i.e. without co-operation across borders will not be eligible under the Framework Programme. – FP6 in brief (pdf)

This is an amazing act, especially as it is a cross-national, European effort, to maximize and synchronize efforts. My dew respect! I am more and more amazed and astonished what actually is happening on the Euroepan political and scientific stage, of what the usual media is not reporting on.


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