Flickr to work together with Getty Images

Read this! and this! and this!

just one word: awesome!

There had been a lot of services (either offered by Flickr or outside of it) that tried to give Photos more exposure and let one sell his/her photos, but I think a partnership as this is going to hugely improve the situation, if so, just by the name that u can say, hey I have been with Getty Images.

As usual, there should be two different kind of people approached: Those that do photography already as business (as Flickr has addressed) and who will take it as another way and those that do it as a hobby and get some recognition.

For Flickr itself it is a perfect marketing solution:
1. Get a big name
2. Get more people interested in the website that seems to really have high-quality photos
3. Get people more photo eager to become part of the Getty celebration

I am definitely looking forward to that….


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