History of rock music in China

Finally I came around on working on the history of rock music in China again, adding sources and references and thereby not only making the article more reliable, but also giving credit to those researchers that took an in-depth look into the music scene of China, as there are Steven Schwankert, Andreas Steen, Lisa Movius and Jereon Groenewegen (to name a few).

Thanks to the <ref> and {{cite}} function of Wikimedia!

The development of the rock music scene in “Opening up to the West” China is interesting for me in two aspects: First to see the cat-and-mouse play between bands and government around 1990 and second the way in which different styles and musical genres found their way into the country.

The article is part of the online webpage Rock in China, which, together with a good friend of mine, I am pursuing to document the rapidly growing music scene in mainland China, including a historical overview, band biographies and music sample downloads (free and legal). The website is already up and running for more than 4 years and has established itself as the largest online English language information source in this regard.

If anybody knows additional sources and articles about this topic, please feel free to post them, so I can take them into consideration the next time I work on the history of rock in China .


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