Project Management Tool: Track Vacancy Schedule / Site Possession Schedule

An important tool during the construction and installation phase of any project is the Track Vacancy Schedule, or also called Site Possession Schedule, especially in view of avoiding injuries and accidents related to electricity.

This tool is a graphical replication of the relevant site or track (e.g. via an alignment plan or a drawing) and is drawn up for every relevant shift or period of time. Coloured demarkations are included to show whether the portion of the site is being occupied or vacant and whether or not this part of the site is occupied by a certain work party. An outline is given below:

This tool is especially useful if several parties are claiming the site to work, either for construction, installation or testing purposes. Some software tools are able to generate this chart, e.g. Primavera (with some add-ons), however it has to be decided for each project individually whether the efforts are worth taking to automatize this schedule or whether it is daily drawn up individually and distributed accordingly. As per my experiences, the required site possessions of e.g. a rail corridor construction, involve many parties at the same time and the actual occupation time varies heavily with the progress per shift, hence a daily update is required.

The schedule should be distributed to all related line / site management and also physically displayed at site, at site office and any other working location relevant. A3 printout should be sufficient.

Check out the Google Spreadsheet.


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