Mobile Wine Processing Machines

A mobile wine bottleling machine working in Victoria, Australia, for the Bass Phillips wineyard. The actual machines are integrate in the back of the truck and deliver a mobile solution for smaller wineyards to efficiently process wines and bottle them. As per website the following services are being offered:

Wine filtration

A wide range of  economical options are available from minimal through to sterile.

Filling & bottle closing

‘State of the art’ equipment is used to offer gentle bottle filling, vacuum corking and/or screw-capping (ROPP).


PVC & metallic capsules are automatically applied and perfectly finished by our capsuling equipment.

Self adhesive labelling

Our labelling machines can apply varying combinations of front & back labels from one, two or three webs to suit most shapes and sizes of bottles.

The actual benefit for the wineyard is the availability of a machine that otherwise would cost too much to own and instead of bringing the wine to the bottles, the bottles come to the wine. I really like the idea of this mobile solution, as it suits the needs of smaller wineyards and economically benefits them.

Utilizing such a machine is a small project in its own as it requires:

  • Scheduling (availability of machine and required man-power)
  • Timing and logistics of material (empty bottles / pre-processed wine)
  • Space and order of materials (arrange barrels & bottles, as well as after-processing, i.e. boxing)




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