Working conditions in India III

Delhi Metro Construction, originally uploaded by Azchael.

Another example of lacking concern for work safety: Three workers have to bring up material from the ground towards the roof of a three or four storey construction site using a rope. None of the workers seems to have used a safety rope for himself to avoid falling down in case of an accident. Furthermore only two of the three workers actually wear a protective helmet and as can be seen from the large-scale photo, the same worker also does not wear adequate construction boots. A typical scene for New Delhi and Indian construction work. These workers are most likely peons picked up in the morning and assigned to a badly equipped construction team.

Nevertheless please also note the lack of preventive measures taking place here: Why do the three workers need to rope up some material in this highly dangerous way? Are there no facilities to quickly bring up material if required? Or is this, dangerous, way the only alternative?


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