Working conditions in India

Much has been said about the upcoming nation of India and its potential. In the wake of the last two decades more and more foreign companies entered the Indian market anticipating a thriving business situation. What most had not anticipated and what came as a surprised for most expats who entered India (in contrast to China) is the situation on ground.

Take this video as an example of how the working conditions can be:

Situation: Hill-side road prone to landslides, no demarkations on the road, no guiding rails at the road side. Extensive heavy rains caused landslides and a working vehicle is trying to clear the road.

Except for the missing safety features available (hill-side fortifications to avoid landslides, guiding landslide tunnels, road guiding rails and closing of the road), also the actual response to the situation is not ideal: only one vehicle working without preventing others to cross the work section, no additional protection towards the hill-side for the worker, and also no additional protection towards the down-hill side. One additional landslide of the magnitude of the rumble to the left and the small machine would be gone.

Similar situations (on an abstract way) have to be expected throughout the Indian subcontinent: lack of preventive measures, lack of adequate response measures, low concert of safety on site.


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