Buildings & Architecture

Awesome buildings in Zhong Guang CunMacau NightscapeDSC_0134Skyscraper in ChicagoEmpire State Building New YorkBeijing, China
One of our buildingsThe Lotus temple of DelhiHindi temple of Sant "Baba" I visitedOper FrankfurtThe Venetian MacauLaxmi Narayan (Hindi Temple)
Sikandra - The front gateCity of Dreams - Crown HotelTour EiffelMacau NightscapeThat's a nice building for BKDSC_0001
Now I'm taking all I gotOn the river, going NorthAlte Pfarrei and Laurentius church bell towerThe mighty UN buildingTour MontparnasseTaipa Mountains

Buildings & Architecture, a set on Flickr.

A collection of impressive architectorial buildings world-wide over.

Just imagine the project management behind each of these buildings required to ensure a proper construction and erection, especially when we are talking about buildings that have not just recently been unveiled and completed, but when we are talking about old constructions going back a couple of hundred or even thousand years. The central function of project management as it is true today was true at that time as well: Communication!

Without a proper communication channel and thereby its distributed authority system in place, such projects would not be completed. Whereas we rely nowadays on emails, printouts, regular meetings and mobile phones to communicate short-lived information and long-lived information, these tools were only partly available in prior times. Proper onsite management, a clear and direct limits of authority and paper-based drawings and plans understandable to those involved as well as proper tool management were all necessary pre-requisites for the completion of such buildings.

In time I hope to complete a link collection on these photos to provide more details on how the project management of each of these buildings had been accomplished.


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