Construction at Nova Taipa, Macau

Construction in Taipa, Macau, originally uploaded by Azchael.

A huge construction site next to the Nova Taipa buildings in Taipa, Macau, for an underground parking lot and a surface park landscape.

This project seems to have taken off one or two years ago and is scheduled for 5 years. From the time-scale alone and the present state at which it presents itself, I cannot understand the reasonability behind these 5 years.

From a project management point of view there are a number of items to be critized:

  • Even though night shifts are applied, they are only used for a limited number of activities, as here: welding.
  • The construction site is messy and rumble lyingaroundeverywhere
  • Heavy machinery is present on site, but not safety-separated with guiding rails or demarkations
  • Workers are wearing no reflective safety vest and no helmets, rising the risk of accidents dramatically, especially with heavy machinery in place.
  • Not visible on the set photos, but nevertheless there: Separation of construction site towards traffic area on two sides of the construction site is impacting traffic and the sheet metals preventing entry to construction site are not properly put up leaving at least 10 entry points without guards at night. in combination with these rising metal rodes and uneven ground/holes, a perfect death trap for running kids.

Apart from these construction site specific aspects, it is surprising me how few workers are present on the site day by day. Passing by the construction site there are relatively few people visible and from my feeling I would judge the site understaffed, hence the unexpected long construction period. Given the virtually winter-free and short typhoon-influenced climate in Macau, a park construction like this should not take more than 1.5 yrs at a maximum. Especially as the parking lot construction undergrounds seems to have been already completed as this part of the construction site. However if staff is not available and maintenance of the site is not guaranteed, things like these happen.



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