Eternal problems of project management

Project management has seen a distinct range of problems in every project in the past… and is most likely to see the same problems replicated throughout the future of project management: “Lack of …”-problems!
Lack of resources: Whether it’s workers, commercials, procurement, contract managers, simple helping hands or dedicated jack-of-all-trades; resources are always critical in a project and even when the project starts out good, there will definitely be a situation where the initial estimation has been a little bit off and one needs suddenly that one resource that unfortunately just left the company!
Lack of material: The procurement plan has been made and setup but something got haywire and no you need another antenna or another ton of cement. Material has lead time, cost attached to it and for sure, a general availability.
Lack of access: You got the right people on board, the stock is full and bursting but ….. customer denies access and everybody has to wait!
Project management is communication and the more you communicate the less you will be affected of the above problems.

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