Macau | That’s where I live

Downtown MacauDropping water in MacauPanda bear in MacauMacau downtownMacau downtownRibs special prices fashion shop in Macau
Indigo Vintage shop in MacauIndigo Vintage shop in MacauGraffiti in MacauGraffiti in MacauMacau downtownGraffiti in Macau
Macau downtown - Nintendo electrical boxMacau downtown - shop facadeMacau downtownMacau downtown - huge squareMacau DowntownMacau Downtown
Macau Downtown - Twig of a treeDowntown Macau - GraveyardDowntown Macau - GraveyardDowntown Macau - GraveyardDowntown MacauDowntown Macau

Macau, a set on Flickr.

Macau, a small place close to Hongkong and Guangzhou… Portugese culture and history.


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