Morning Smog in New Delhi

Remember the recent news from Beijing about air quality? German newspaper ZEIT is reporting about the terrible situation in Delhi and mentioning the generally worse conditions in New Delhi than in Beijing. Not to a surprise to me who lived in Delhi for over two years, as this situation has been reported already more than once.
What is the result? Beijing’s government is trying to improve, with Delhi’s government having given up on even trying. Even worse – for me at least – is the lack of reaction from the general public on this situation. Even the report of the Times of India “Thought Beijing air was bad? Delhi’s no better” sounds more like a “I am here too” statement than a real out-cry for government regulation and industry oversight. Yet in a country that continues to be home for a third of world’s poor population and is ranked 15th on the Global Hunger Index, there are other collossal problems to be taken care of first, before a 1st World Problem such as Air Quality comes into mind.
For everyone that works in India and is facing these health challenges, I can only recommend to wear protective equipment (such as N95 masks) whenever situations deteriorate and Delhi’s sky is clocking up. Because, don’t forget, there are also beautiful days in India.
Gateway to India IV, originally uploaded by Azchael.

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