The Digital Manifest

Red Fort, Agra, originally uploaded by Azchael.

1. The future of humankind is shaped by the flow and storage of information in what is called nowadays the World Wide Web.

2. Every contribution to the WWW contributes to the increasing value and usability of the collective knowledge of humanking.

3. In order to contribute in an efficient way the following guidelines are to be followed

a) Create new content or enhance existing one

b) Make every contribution free, open content and machine-readable

c) Use the most common language spoken and read (this helps other to get it translated easily)

4. With each individual contribution be it of content nature, of structural nature or of tool-nature, humankings knowledge is growing.

5. Contribution of individuals life’s worth of knowledge can grant that individual recongnition beyond one’s own mortality and until the ened of all humankind.

It is this manifest that I believe in and that I work for and to which I contribute the achievements of my life, as unimportant as they might appear.

— Max-Leonhard von Schaper, April 10th 2013


2 thoughts on “The Digital Manifest

  1. My own contributions that I pledge according to this manifest are amongst others to be found at Wikipedia, Music-China, Flickr and

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