Motorized chariot

Motorized chariot, originally uploaded by Azchael.

One of the very first of its kind. As displayed in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Mercedes-Benz or Daimler as the company is called in the Swabian region has one of its largest factories in Sindelfingen, my home town. Be it the constant vibe of trying to create something new or the good old Swabian mentality to build your own house (and a perfect one it better be), I admire the spirit of discoverers and inventors as displayed in this simplistic yet revolutionary model that changed the world.

The idea to eliminate the horse as a factor in transportation was at that time a revolutionary one. And in its rise similar to ideas that are currently promoted and experienced. Think of solar energy which was a luxury thing to have for house owners twenty years back. Nowadays there are mini power plant solutions available costing less than 500 euros. Think of 3D printers who are being marketed for the everyday geek and which might eliminate a whole industry of small scale miniatures manufacturers. Think of so many projects being set up as a one-timeĀ endeavor, yet rise to become global enterprises (anyone say Google?).

Visit my other photos taken in the Mercedes-Benz Museum to get a feeling of German engineering, technology created and imagine the struggles such an idea must have undergone before it not only could be accepted by society, but also breakthrough on an international playing field.


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