Macau – The difficulty to find accurate employment figures for the Gaming Industry

Having had a look into both the general labor market situation (along its educational distribution) and a look into the numbers of visitors coming to Macau, this post is looking after a closer breakdown into the actual employed labor force of Macau.

The DSEC has released several helpful surveys on the employment situation including

  • A general employment survey undertaken monthly and summarized quarterly
  • Several specific surveys on individual industries (links see below)

However comparing both sets of data there are several striking discrepancies which would require to have the original data sets to verify:

  • Overall accounted employed workforce cannot be accumulated with individual surveys (e.g. Construction is not present)
  • Figures of seemingly same categories vary by over 30% (see Gaming below: 54k vs. 81k)
  • No definition is given (not even in the Annex) on who counts agains the general population (permanent residents, temporary residents, blue card holders, everyone with a visa, registered households only, etc.)

Below given table is being visualized in this Chart, showing the discrepancy in identified figures for either Q1 or Q2 of 2013:

Comparing individual surveys on employed persons in Macau

Comparing individual surveys on employed persons in Macau

It is appreciated that the DSEC is publishing all data in an user-accessible database from which output can be generated and saved. Critical data for an in-depth analysis however are not shown, e.g.

  • Educational levels per age group
  • Educational levels per industry
  • Educational levels per industry and per age group

For the next post, I would like to have a look at the rate of company incorporation vs. dissolved companies in Macau. If you click on the link, a database generated PDF will open that will give you a first idea on the accelerating rate of business inaugurations happening in Macau.


Tabel for above shown Chart:

As per Survey on Manpower Needs & Wages 1) 2) 4) 5) As per Employment Survey 3)
Industry Q1 / Q2 2013 in % Q1 2013 in %
Overall Labour Market    351.000,00 (assumed)         351.800,00
Gaming Sector       54.554,00 16%            81.100,00 23%
Hotels       44.664,00 13%            29.800,00 8%
Restaurants *)       19.970,00 6%            25.400,00 7%
Manufacturing       10.233,00 3%            10.400,00 3%
Electricity, gas & water supply         1.076,00 0,3%              1.400,00 0%
Child-care             803,00 0,2%
Elderly Care             591,00 0,2%
Insurance             464,00 0,1%
Financial Intermediation Activities             378,00 0,1%              8.400,00 2%
Banking         5.363,00 1,5%
Construction            30.200,00 9%
Whole-Sale Retail Trade       35.389,00 10,1%            45.800,00 13%
Transport, Storage & Communications         8.399,00 2,4%            15.100,00 4%
Real Estate & Business Activities            26.100,00 7%
Public Administration & Social Security            24.600,00 7%
Security activities         8.740,00 2,5%
Public sewage & refuse disposal activities       14.120,00 4,0%
Education            14.600,00 4%
Health & Social Welfare              8.500,00 2%
Other Activities (Recreational, Cultural, Gaming & Other
           10.200,00 3%
Domestic Work            19.500,00 6%
Others                  700,00 0%
Total Accounted For    204.744,00 58,3%         351.800,00 100%
*) including non-hotel/casino restaurants

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