Construction: The importance of proper electrical installations

Fire in Guangzhou Airport, October 28th 2013, photo via

Fire in Guangzhou Airport, October 28th 2013, photo via

In another example, unfortunately displayed at GZ International Airport a shop caught fire due to

an electronic display board that short-circuited above the store

According to Shanghai Daily:

Two people were working on the store’s rooftop when the fire started. They quickly climbed down from the scaffold, the report said. Salespeople were evacuated from all stores in the vicinity, the salesperson said.

Most airport workers and travelers were wearing masks as the departure hall was still filled with smoke at 11am.

This leads to the following questions:

  • Why was there an electrical short circuit above the store? Was the installation of fault?
  • Was there a fire alarm raised? According to the reports above that cannot be distinguished
  • Was there a smoke extraction system available at the airport? According to the photos shown at and the report at Shanghai Daily, it seems not.

In view of Asian daily practice of electrical wiring and installations, as witnessed in this photo set, this comes by no means as a surprise. What is a surprise however is the low amount of actual incidents happening.

Update: It seems that German newspaper ZEIT ONLINE has discovered this topic itself only recently in September this year. it also highlights a German citizen science project website, hosted by the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft and the Leibniz Gemeinschaft. Typical for a German project website: it features less projects than the English/American one and its projects are of a less online-interactive nature as far as I can see.


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