A never ending story … Macau LRT

Lei Chan Tong, cannot confirm how long it will take to complete construction of the LRT Seac Pai Van line

As expected from the beginning, construction of the Macau Light Rail Transit system will be a long endeavour. How long it will take in total cannot be planned, as even the Chief of the Transportation Infrastructure Office (GIT) is not aware of that. Read more at Macau Daily Times …

The Taipa section is still scheduled to open in 2016, despite 6-8 months of delay due to weather. Whether or whether not this estimation is trustworthy cannot be validated, as construction only began in February 2012 and has already suffered roughly a quarter of the time delay. Keeping an opening deadline the same calls for some serious acceleration and along with this acceleration a risk comes along. A risk that important installation & commissioning activities as well as trial runs and operational scenario testing are cut short. A mass transit system, especially a driverless system requires extensive testing to verify its functionality and reliability. Special scenarios such as fire, mass evacuation and various operational time schedules need to be tested along with operational staff.

As per official GIT homepage, both civil works as well as design for the actual Rolling Stock is still ongoing and might take still quite some time before they can enter LRT Phase 1 Operational Test (which should be around 6 months in a typical metro construction). Hence there are 18 months left to get the works completed and system integrated.


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