Macau – An Update in Cotai Construction Projects 2014-01-24

Galaxy Phase 2 Construction

Having spent the evening in Cotai, I present to you a photographic progress update on some of Cotai’s most advanced projects. Galaxy Macau is in its second phase and its superstructure is up and close to finishing. (click here to see a photo on how it will look after completion) From below photo one can count 19 floors above the podium structure, which itself is slightly taller than the existing Galaxy Macau podium.

Galaxy Phase 2 Construction

Also the Macau Light Rail Transit project is ongoing with further elevated track pillars erected on the section between Galaxy Macau and The Venetian:

Macau LRT Construction

Macau LRT Construction

Yet, as mentioned before, also at this section, only the main pillar bodies are partially erected without the main track support angles fully available. There is a lot of work to do to ensure a 2016 opening (if possible at all).

Last but not least a few impressions of the interior decoration for Chinese New Year 2014 of Galaxy Macau:

Interior Decoration of Galaxy Macau

Interior Decoration of Galaxy Macau

Interior Decoration of Galaxy Macau

More photos of today’s excursion.


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