Maybe the most important project in the world – ITER

Anjuna Beach

Being in the project management industry, one is always on the lookout for prestigious and interesting projects happening around the world. There are bad examples out there, but there are also benefiting ones. For me, one of the most prestigious if not the most prestigious projects in the world is ITER. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, currently built in France, and meant to be a solution for one of the biggest challenges mankind faces: energy generation.

It being a scientific experimental reactor project it is not often reported of in the mass media, yet there is a valuable insight article by the New Yorker about the current state of the project, its structure, difficulties and challenges. For everyone who has ever worked in a difficult project environment, this is a must read, as there are familiar situations, yet in a much more complex environment. The project stretching out for several decades (including its experimental operation phase), this is an achievement of a lifetime once it goes online and produces (what we all hope), energy!

And yes, they are hiring


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