Macau: On the tourist industry’s “soft ware”



Above is a display of visitors by country of residence up to Q1 of 2014, data courtesy of DSEC, and an update to last year’s post on the distribution of visitors to Macau. The Macau Daily Times has recently published an article on the “lack of quality of Macau’s tourist software”. Here, software is not meant as an IT definition but as soft skill, i.e. English language skills, quality of service, friendliness and knowledge in touristic activities.

However, first a few diagrams showing the current situation:


As before, China has overtaken Hongkong and the Rest of the World in terms of overall visitors. Also having a look at the Last Year Quarter to This Year Quarter growth rates, China is strong:


As such, it is not surprising that tourist agencies see Chinese tourists as the more interesting target group. Or, as mentioned in the MDT article:

non-Chinese tourists usually have a higher requirement compared to the visitors from mainland China.

Two groups were particularly mentioned in the article, Japanese and Korean customers. Let’s have a look at them:


Whereas Korean visitors seem to have increased in recent quarters, Japanese have decreased. In average between 80000 and 120000 visitors each quarter per country. Nothing compared to the 4.x million Chinese coming every quarter.

Another two countries emphasized in the article are Israelis and Russians:

The manager also pointed out that there are increasing numbers of visitors coming from Russia and Israel since around a decade ago.


Whereas Israel is not separately listed (and assumed to be in the category “Others”), the Russian Federation has a sharp increase in the last couple of years with up to 9500 visitors coming every quarter. Thats a whopping 100 Russians every day.

Yet still, with Chinese touristic visitors on the rise, the overall percentage of Hongkongnese and “others” is declining in the visitor mix. Whether tourist agencies really will increase their effort or whether taxi drivers will try to be more polite (As per MDT: For example, there are some drivers that are impolite), time will tell.



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