Macau LRT – July 16th and 17th – Progress Photos

July 17th LRT Progress

Above and below you can see some new photos of Macau’s light rail project. Again, progress seems not have been fast, as currently the girder launcher has moved on to section number 4 or 5 only. Remember, it was announced way back in January and has been erected in February this year. This means that a whopping 5 months have passed and overall progress has been less than a 100 meters. That is not very impressive by all means.

July 17th LRT Progress


Good news is however that the section towards the depot area seems to be getting along (well… slowly of course), as new pillars seem to have been cast:

July 17th LRT Progress


But then again, published progress in July 2014 is UNCHANGED compared to January 22nd 2014. What is happening, GIT? This is not impressive at all!



With the current rate of construction of elevated track section it could be years before any operational train is going to roll in Taipa… and don’t speak about Macau, for that is still under principal discussion on where the track is going to go along. Latest news? Discussions about

building a hanging corridor or an underground tunnel to connect the seaside with the Dr Carlos d’Assumpção Park. (…) Officials have suggested that the designs are still in their preliminary stage and can be further refined. They hope that the public will provide further opinions regarding the route of the LRT’s Macau section.

Cotai’s main casinos might be well open before this train is coming along …


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