Macau in Figures – Casino Revenues and Profits

In another view on the casino market of Macau, above and below information has been prepared by use of public information published in Annual Reports of various casinos. Above you can see the overall direction revenue has gone up across the board for all casinos with SJM leading the way due to its 17 casino outlets. Strongly followed by Sands who has opened several new casino outlets in Cotai over the past few years (Sands Cotai Central, The Piaza) and Galaxy Macau who has opened their Galaxy Macau Resort in 2011 (prior to that: Starworld).


  • City of Dreams not included in this overview.
  • No data entered for MGM for 2009 and 2008
  • All figures shown in USD

Below are two representations on the profit situation (before income tax):



Interestingly enough, Sands Macau is currently the strongest company in terms of profit, followed by Galaxy and SJM tight with Wynn. MGM with only one property in Macau is shown last.

In terms of profitability, please have a look at this comparison of how many USD profits are generated by each USD revenue:




Sands and Wynn are leading the field with MGM following close. SJM is lowest in this overview.

Things to come and things to analyze:

  • Performance of each company based on number of gaming tables / slots
  • Performance of each company based on number of properties opened (esp. Sands is interesting to see)

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee given on any of these figures and errors or mistakes might be present. Hence, please refer to the individual Annual reports for each company for a full overview of financial statements, as linked to below. Once again, the above is only presented for the interested reader to have a better understanding of Macau and its market.

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