Macau in Figures – Tables / Slots and Profit per Table/Slot

GrowthperYearTable  In our last post we had a look at the general profit and revenue situation of major casinos in the Macau market. In this post we have a closer look at the distribution of profit per table or slot machine. A few notes:

  • Melco Crown is still excluded from the overview. I hadn’t had time to look through and discount their Manila figures
  • Galaxy Macau had no gaming table or slot machine counts listed in their Annual Report, hence they will not show up below
  • All figures and graphs are given without guarantee of accuracy or correctness. Errors and mistakes may occur, are unintentional and all data should be verified against its original source, as this is intended to be for the occasional reader only.
  • Tables and slots are counted as 1:1, i.e. for all graphs below, tables and slots are summed up together. This might not reflect reality as there are in general higher revenues and profits per table than per slot machine, but as long as I have not found the discounting factor or a separate listing of revenues and profit, I refer to the below abstraction.

GrowthProfitTable2  Profits are growing for all casinos on a year to year basis with Galaxy recovering from their 2009-2010 construction effort (opening in 2011).



Above graphs show the movements in both total gaming table count as well as in overall slot machine count. A few notes:

  • Counts are more or less pre-determined by the gaming license and cap on tables and slot machines
  • Sands is expanding in line with their expansion in Cotai
  • Wynn seems to be the only casino shown that has continuously increased their tables year to year and decreases their slot machines year to year

Let’s have a look at the profit per table:


Distinctively Wynn is the leader of the pack with highest profit per Table/Slot Machine (on a 1:1 count).

Next up:

  • Once I have figured out the report of Melco Crown I can include their figures
  • If and how I find a representation of table vs. slot revenue and profit I can split up above graphs
  • Representation of headcount per casino along with revenue and profit and (if available) educational degree

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