Macau in Figures – Visitor Figures Broken Down By Country – Trend Across Several Years


Following up on the last post about revised visitor figures to Macau, here are some further in-depth analysis of visitors to Macau broken up by country. Above graph shows the growth/decline percentage for each country on a year to year basis as well as an average across these four figures and a percentage of growth between 2013 to 2009.

What findings do we see? Amongst others the following:

  • Russia is leading the list with an overall growth of 291%, from 7806 to 30528 visitors in four years.


  • Second biggest growth winner is the Republic of Korea which rose from 204767 visitors in 2009 to 474269 visitors in 2013, representing a growth of 132%.


  • Third winner would be “Others”, however as this is so undefined and actuall pretty low in absolute figures (13938 to 24448), I give Mainland China the third place. Growth of 70% from 10,989,533 visitors to 18,632,207 visitors.

Mainland China

  • Let’s have a look at those countries that have sent less visitors to Macau in the last four years. Amongst these are Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Other countries that should be considered in this list are those that show a downward trend within the last two years, i.e. countries that display a decline in visitors in the last two years: Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Vietnam which has an overall decline of 73% has not been included as for the last two years visitor figures grew by 50% pointing to a particular event that caused figures to drop. A detailed view reveals that something must have happened in Q3 2010 for figures dropped dramatically!



  • If you take Mainland China out of the picture, then overall figures decline between 2013 and 2009, by roughly 70k visitors:



  • However if you look at the figures of the past two years (2013 to 2011) then the situation has worsened tremendously with 1.14 million visitors LESS in 2013 than in 2011 (all countries apart from mainland China). Hongkong, Taiwan, India, Japan, Malaysia and the USA had by far less visitors.



  • Comparing those two tables as well as the first table showing year-to-year growth rates, one can analyze that there had been some growth for some countries in the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 but in recent two years there has been decline that ate up the good visitor figures of the past.

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