Macau in Figures – Entry points for visitors



Macau being a relatively small Special Administrative Zone, the number of available border crossings is limited to 6 major crossings and a few “minor” ones. As can be seen from above graphic, Gongbei border gate in the North of Macau (border to Zhuhai) is the most important entry points for visitors to Macau, followed by both the Outer Harbour (which connects to Shenzhen, Hongkong and HK Airpoirt) as well as Taipa Ferry Terminal (for Cotaijet). The percentage distribution of visitors per entry point is closely resembling above graph and looks as follows:



To make it more easy to read, here is an average approximation of the visitor per entry point distribution:

Entry point for visitors AVERAGE of visitor distribution
Outer Harbour 27%
Inner Harbout 1%
Taipa Ferry Terminal 12%
Border Gate Gongbei 50%
Other Land 4%
Airport 6%
Heliport 0%


In similar way as the overall visitor figures exploded (with mainland China contributing most), each entry point except the Inner Harbour border increased in visitors:

Growth in Visitors

To give this a better representation of the masses of people coming through, here is the gain in absolute figures Q1 2008 to Q1 2014 for each entry point:


As can be seen, Gongbei increased total visitors within four years by nearly 1.2 million persons in one quarter. The Outer Harbor “only” grew by about 300 thousand visitors per quarter in the same time. Reading these figures it becomes apparent that

  • Gongbei should be the number one spot for advertisement, potential customer gain and point of attraction.
  • Taipa Ferry Terminal has grown since 2009, however as can be seen from the first graph, its growth has stagnated already in 2010, most likely limited due to the amount of ferries per day.
  • Outer Harbour has grown between  2009 and 2014, however looking further back to the beginning of 2008 it has lost a lot of traction

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