Macau: LRT without hope


As expected, it was finally announced: The LRT project in Macau is hugely delayed. So huge that it actually will open at a minimum of 883 (!!!) days later. The obvious outcry followed:

As I can relate from my own personal experience of observing various LRT construction sites in Taipa, there is not a lot of progress on site. On most days in the past four months the sections close to the depot area were completely worker-less and since last year June I believe only four pillar-to-pillar connections have been built.

Come on GIT, building a metro is not hard. Hongkong did it, Guangzhou did it and even Delhi did it. But then again, project management in Macau has challenges of its own. Yet, personally speaking it seems no one is trying to tackle them in a proper manner to bring this project back on track.

Photo taken in July 2014, LRT site close to Galaxy Macau.


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