Macau – 2014 in review (in figures and graphs)

Endyear2014 - Monthly Gross Gaming Revenue


2014 has ended and brought with it a change in Macau which waves are still hitting economy, politics and society. As can be seen in above graphic, monthly gross revenue of Games of Fortune in Macau decreased for the first time since 2010 in a continuous manner. All figures above are in million MOP.

The below graph will show that trend even more clearly with figures for each month next to its’ previous year’s month figure. Beware that the y-axis starts at 20 billion MOP.

EndYear - 2014-2013 Comparison

Another clear picture of the overall trend of declining gaming revenue can be seen in below graphic that compares the growth (or decline) of each month with its previous year corresponding month:

EndYear GrowthDecline

Despite the above decline however, there were more visitors coming to Macau especially in the last months of 2014:



But is this increase in visitors actually beneficial for Macau? An analysis on the basis of spent gaming revenue per visitor shows that the first two quarters of 2014 were the top months since 2009, however the last two quarters (which had most visitors to Macau since 2008) yielded a lower average revenue per person than any quarter since Q1 2012.


Summarizing the above, Macau is facing tough challenges due to the breaking away of the VIP junket market as well as increased visitor numbers from second and third tier cities in China. Will 2015 bring an upwards swing or will the downward trend continue? The first few months and especially the Chinese New Year season will show where Macau is heading this year.

The sources for above information:


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