Macau – LRT Progress Photo – Depot Site

LRT Depot2


With reference to the online progress update and recent news on the Macau LRT, above photo shows the current state of the depot area of the LRT. On the left one can see the incoming pillars of the elevated track (without section elements) and in the middle one can see the starting points for what might become a train depot at some point of time.

Interestingly enough, on the detailed progress page of the LRT, it states that construction of the depot began in November 2011. That would be 3 years ago. Tendering had commenced in February 2012 with 16 companies submitting a bid in April the same year. Longest construction period as stated was 1015 days.

Assuming tender award the same day, i.e. April 11th 2012, then construction for the depot would have been completed on January 21st 2015. Given the above shown state it seems that construction has not commenced, hence leading to the assumption that we are at least one or two years away from any meaningful completion of the depot.

Now as we all know, a train track cannot be properly tested or commissioned without a depot, as one needs to feed in and feed out trains, maintain them, do the overnight parking, etc. Hence without an at least 75% completed depot, one cannot start any tests. Well, wait, 75% assumes that the trains can be driven by drivers. But the LRT Macau is a driverless system! Hence I assume that one would need a proper and fully functional depot for the systems testing.

That means we would be able to commence in February 2017 with testing of the track and depot. Given the complexity of driverless systems and the necessary operational and emergency testing, I would assume this phase to take between 6 months and 12 months. Hence opening of the LRT could be as far out as end of 2017.


One thought on “Macau – LRT Progress Photo – Depot Site

  1. when asked about whether SJM was coming late to the game building the Lisboa Pallace , He responded”no not at all.”… These guys are chinese . When they say the long haul they mean the looooonnnngggg haul. Think that’s why they were so far behind for so long on tech? Still stealing western tech too. Thanks for the update Max.

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