Galaxy Macau Phase 2 / Broadway Macau – First Impressions on Opening Night

This bridge is still without any fitout - preparation for Phase 3?

Galaxy Macau opened its Phase 2 as well as the adjacent Broadway Macau. Having received 150 gaming table quota from government expectations were high for the opening and construction was ongoing until the very last minute.

Note: With 150 gaming tables given to Galaxy, there are only 25 tables available for further allocation (good luck, Studio City). Also next year will be a tight fight for these tables.

However Galaxy Macau Phase 2 as well as Broadway Macau were not only about Gaming. Galaxy had promised a lot of non-gaming elements including an extensive retail promenade, a food street and a big theater. Were they ready for the Grand Opening? Well, in parts… from my walk at Phase 2 and Broadway there are a lot of retail shops still under construction and hidden behind hoarding:

Galaxy Phase 2 Retail Promenade

Further it seems that Galaxy could have used some more time prior opening as there was visible a lot of construction dust and dirt as well as finishing defects.

Where is the waterproof seal?

Weather seal/waterproofing not complete at this exterior column.

Escalator is dirty with construction dust

Escalators were full of deep construction dirt.

Paint and stickers on new marble

Marble had the typical well-known Galaxy defects (cracks) as well as, in this case, factory stickers, excessive adhesive and paint droplets.

But these things can be fixed relatively quickly within a few weeks of opening one by one. More worrisome was the fact that during my visit at the opening night it was not too crowded. Arriving around 8PM there were tables available at many food outlets (or with a reasonably short waiting time), it was not too crowded and in general one was able to walk from one end to the other. Given that the opening happened during a mid week day, this weekend will given Galaxy the real test if their plan worked out and they can make the additional gaming revenue they anticipated.

Cotai 2.0 has started and time will very quickly tell how the story will continue …

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