Macau – COD Zaha Hadid Tower Construction – Impressions June 1st 2015

COD ~ Zaha Hadid Tower Construction

First impressions of Zaha Hadid’s tower for City of Dreams.

See more photos that show the current status of the curved steel beams and back concrete structure.


Macau – Two worlds colliding – LRT & Galaxy Macau Phase 2 Progress Photo



Above photo shows the current state of construction of two major projects in Macau, one being in private hands, one being in public hands:

Ironically enough the same photo shows how two worlds collide that actually are very tightly interlinked with each other: The world of gambling and gaming, endless streams of revenues in the past years and a fast track project which is scheduled for completion this May. And then, the world of public project management in Macau, its actually endless pockets filled by tax money from the very same casino operators we just talked about, however none of the same pace-minded approach in construction: The LRT was recently called out for a 883 days delay.

Photo taken on February 9th 2015 by Max-Leonhard von Schaper

November 2014 – Photo Update – Studio City & MO-ZH-HK Bridge

Studio City Construction


Photos taken November 2014: A view on the construction of Studio City at Cotai, Macau. Not fully visible from this side, but the first part of the roller coaster is up. The roller coaster will be in between the two towers.

Studio City Construction

Also the Zhuhai-Macau-Hongkong bridge is developing with a huge area east of the Macau peninsula having been reclaimed for various use:

Construction for the Zhuhai-Macau-Hongkong Bridge

Construction for the Zhuhai-Macau-Hongkong Bridge

Macau – Cotai Construction in Photos – Studio City, The Parisian, Galaxy Phase 2 and Sands Cotai

Studio City under Construction

There are several new mega casino resorts under way in Cotai and here are a few construction progress photos of them. Above and below you can see Studio City, the new Melco-Crown enterprise at Cotai, which is in a similar state as Galaxy Macau Phase 2 several months ago: The facade is coming up and I believe that fit out has started on the podium and lower tower floors. From the numbers displayed on the floors we are talking about two towers with each 30 floors.

Studio City Construction 2014-09-14

Studio City Construction 2014-09-14

Galaxy Macau Phase 2, as already seen in the last posts, is in pretty good shape with facade nearly completed.

Galaxy Phase 2 Construction 2014-09-15

Galaxy Phase 2 Construction 2014-09-15

Galaxy Phase 2 Construction 2014-09-15

Sands is further working on their Tower 4 of Sands Cotai Central.

Sands Cotai Central Tower 4 Construction 2014-09-14

An impression from The Parisian, after its recent stop and resume of construction works, most likely linked to missing (or incomplete) construction permits.

The Parisian Construction 2014-09-15

Macau – Galaxy Macau Phase 2 – Photo Progress Update – August 30th 2014

Galaxy Macau Phase 2

Another photo update on the progress of construction of Galaxy Macau’s Phase 2. Facade for both the tower and the podium structure is mostly up, the tower top features are in construction and we can assume that the internal fit out is progressing in a similar pace.

Compare this photo to earlier ones (January 2014 to July 2014).

Here also a close up of the roof structural steel:

Galaxy Macau King Room Interior - Nightstand

Macau – Galaxy Phase 2 – Construction Progress January to July 2014

Construction of Galaxy Phase 2

Galaxy Macau Phase 2 has developed speedily since last year. Progress at site is best captured by the rapidness that the facade was being installed. Above photo was taken end of July 2014 with below photos taken across the months until end of January 2014. See further photos of the new construction at Galaxy.

Galaxy Macau Phase 2
(June 18th 2014), three quarter of the facade is done

Galaxy Phase 2
(April 19th 2014), halfway up the tower

Galaxy Phase II - Facade is coming up
(February 23rd 2014), 5 to 10 further floors of facade installed

Galaxy Macau Phase 2
(January 25th 2014), facade has just started