School exchange Germany – Taiwan in 1999

Roughly a year after the visit of Taiwanese students at my high school in Sindelfingen, a delegate from the Gymnasium Unterrieden, amongst them myself, visited the Yung Ping High School in Taipeh, Taiwan, marking this exchange as the first one in the German-Taiwanese relationship.

Amongst cultural and language courses as well as a general impression of Taipeh and Taiwan, the cultural exchange between Taiwanese students and German students was of highest priority during the two week exchange. As a first of its kind the headmaster of my high school as well as a delegation from the teacher’s body accompanied the students.

Further impressions can be found here.

Hendrix Gin & Tonic

Hendrix Gin & Tonic, originally uploaded by Azchael.

One of my favorites, difficult to get but tasty, refreshing and always a good started.

I discovered this gin tonic on a travel to Los Angelos, where I ate dinner with my good friend Peter in the “Roy’s” restaurant, a Haiwaiian top-of-the-art first-class restaurant, I can only recommend everybody to check it out.

The website of Hendrix Gin is offering varies receipies.